Financial Highlights

These financial highlights reflect positive trends, including steady growth in capital and net income. Earning assets have grown steadily, but modestly, since 2015 and are expected to continue that trend in 2019. Note that the 2015 results reflect the acquisition of Farm Credit Services Southwest in November 2015 and an exceptional year of loan growth from new and existing customers.

Financial Highlights ($ in millions)

2015 2016 2017 2018 Q1 2019
Total Capital $1,783 $1,936 $2,080 $2,181 $2,264
CET1 Ratio* ——— ——— 13.3% 14.0% 13.9%
Asset Quality
Earning Assets $8,975 $9,445 $9,679 $10,001 $9,819
Nonearning Assets $120 $142 $117 $113 $103
Net Income $169.4 $206.1 $220.0 $248.0 $67.4
Operating Efficiency Ratio 26.7% 27.4% 27.7% 26.3% 25.7%
*The Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) Ratio is a capital requirement under FCA regulations that became effective on 1/1/2017.

Annual Report to Shareholders

Quarterly Reports to Shareholders

First Quarter 2019
Third Quarter 2018
Second Quarter 2018
First Quarter 2018
Third Quarter 2017
Second Quarter 2017
First Quarter 2017
Third Quarter 2016
Second Quarter 2016
First Quarter 2016

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  • Patronage Callout

    What is Patronage?

    As a Farm Credit West borrower, you are a member of a cooperative and entitled to share in its financial success.

    Every year, Farm Credit West returns profits to customers - the owners - as patronage dividends, significantly reducing total borrowing costs. At each year end, the Board of Directors evaluates whether to retain Farm Credit West’s net income to strengthen our capital position or to distribute a portion of the net income to customers by declaring a qualified/cash patronage dividend. Whether it is distributed in cash, or maintained as retained earnings, since 2001 Farm Credit West has allocated 100% of its net income to its customers.