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Local Advisory Committee February Meeting

Providing advice and feedback to the Board of Directors and the Management Team are members of the Local Advisory Committees (LAC) organized across all Farm Credit West’s territory. The Local Advisor Program is essentially another organizational tier between the Board and the stockholders, which provides an ongoing basis for maintaining and enhancing grassroots feedback from the stockholders.

A joint meeting of the regional Local Advisory Committees (LACs) was held on February 21, 2018. The LACs are essential to providing feedback and ideas on products and customer service, as well as providing invaluable information about the current status of their respective commodities and industries, including emerging risks and opportunities. A considerable amount of material was shared at the February 21st LAC meeting including a presentation by Mark Littlefield, President & CEO, covering an update on the Farm Credit System and FCW. FCW information included 2017 year-end financial highlights and key financial indicator results, as well as 2018 key indicator targets. Other staff members provided updates on significant 2018 business plan objectives and strategies along with lending and support opportunities for young, beginning and small farmers. LAC members and staff engaged in a status discussion on major commodities financed by FCW. The next joint LAC meeting is scheduled for May 11th in Sacramento.