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Local Advisory Committee May Meeting

Providing advice and feedback to the Board of Directors and the Management Team are members of the Local Advisory Committees (LAC) organized across all Farm Credit West’s territory. The Local Advisor Program is essentially another organizational tier between the Board and the stockholders, which provides an ongoing basis for maintaining and enhancing grassroots feedback from the stockholders.

Each year in mid-winter and mid-fall, Board members and Senior Management meet with the local advisors either regionally or by teleconference. In the spring of each year, that same group meets jointly and in person in conjunction with the Association’s Annual Meeting. The 2018 spring meeting was held on May 11th in Sacramento beginning with a dinner meeting the previous evening. During that evening and the next day, guest speakers made presentations on the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act passed in late 2017, an Analysis of Water and Commodity Risk, as well as Labor Law Issues Impacting Agriculture. LAC members, the Board and staff then participated in a feedback exercise with the purpose of providing the Management Team with valuable perspective and insight on a number of topics.