Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance

Free up your working capital and start earning Patronage dividends as you take advantage of one of our many equipment product offerings. Whether you are looking to obtain a loan or lease for fixtures in processing houses, invest in green energy equipment, upgrade your irrigation systems or purchase vehicles, our expert staff work with you to get the equipment you need, when you need it.

  • Conserve working capital

    100% of your purchase price is financed, including extended warranties, registration fees, work beds and other attachments.
  • Flexible

    Choose the terms that fit your needs: Terms from 2 years to 10 years depending on equipment type with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, irregular, or annual payments.
  • Easy

    Our equipment loans and leases have easy to understand terms and simple documentation for fast delivery.

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Equipment Plus

Not ready to purchase? Farm Credit West offers a pre-approved equipment line of credit, allowing you to focus on finding the right deal rather than your financing.

Program Features:

  • -Pre-approval for purchases over a specified period of time.
  • -Interim funding. This allows you to pay vendors for projects over time before the final equipment loan or lease terms are determined (barrel purchases or packing line construction, for example).
  • -Reimburse purchases from up to six months prior.

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Equipment Loans

Our expert staff work with you to acquire the equipment and machinery you need in a way that meets your financial parameters. Our equipment loans are competitive and are customizable to your needs.

Program Features:

  • -100% financing of the purchase price in most cases. You can make a down payment or trade in, and we will finance the balance
  • -Simple loan documentation
  • -You own the equipment, and we take the equipment as collateral
  • -No prepayment fees for early payoffs on variable rate loans
  • -Fixed rate loans are only subject to prepayment fees for the first 6 months
  • -Flexible payment schedules available to accommodate seasonal cash flow
Equipment Loan Options
Types of Financing Purchase of new and used equipment such as Tractors, Implements, Harvesting Equipment, Processing Equipment, Winery Equipment, Sustainable Energy, Facilities, and more
Collateral The equipment serves as collateral and Farm Credit West holds a first lien position
Rates Variable rates
Fixed rates available with several different options including no prepayment penalties
Terms Loans, Capital Leases, and True Leases with terms up to 10 years

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Equipment Leases

Farm Credit West’s leasing programs offer competitive pricing, flexible payment terms, and a fast turnaround. We've created a broad range of flexible easy-to-use leasing solutions to help you meet your financial objectives. Save on costs, improve cash flow, avoid equipment obsolescence, free up capital and gain tax advantages with a Farm Credit West lease today.

Operating/True Lease Program Features:

  • -100% financing of the purchase price. Farm Credit West purchases the equipment and leases it to you 
    -Fixed payments for the lease term
    -Fixed Purchase Option and/or Renewal Options at the end of the lease term 
    -Lease rentals may be tax deductible (discuss with your tax advisor) 
    -Early payoffs may be subject to prepayment fees and taxes

Capital Lease Program Features:

  • -100% financing of the purchase price 
    -Fixed payments for the lease term 
    -$1.00 Fixed Purchase Option at the end of the lease term 
    -You take the depreciation on the equipment (discuss with your tax advisor) 
    -You take ownership of the equipment
    -Early payoffs may be subject prepayment fees and taxes

Green Energy Financing

Integrating green energy solutions into your operation is not only efficient, it's cost effective. At Farm Credit West, we offer competitive solar, methane digester, and wind equipment loan and lease options, helping to keep operating costs in check and returns at a maximum. Our extensive experience financing green infrastructure at dairy operations, processing facilities, irrigation systems, and wineries has built our solid reputation as experts in the industry.

Farm Credit West Green Energy Financing Program Features:

  • -End of lease term (up to 10 year financing)
    -Fixed purchase option at end of lease
    -Project financing during construction
    -Reimbursement for project costs

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