Board of Directors

Board of Directors

At Farm Credit West, we were founded on – and remain committed to – high standards of integrity, ethical decision making and sound internal controls.

Farm Credit West is directed and controlled by a fifteen-member Board of Directors. Thirteen are stockholders, elected by customers. Two Directors are appointed by the Board. The Association is managed by a seven-member executive management team.

Providing advice and feedback to the Board of Directors and Management Team are members of the Local Advisory Committees organized across all Farm Credit West’s territory. The Local Advisor Program is essentially another organizational tier between the Board and the stockholder which provides broader representation than the Board itself can with its limited numbers;

  • it provides an ongoing basis for maintaining and enhancing grassroots feedback from the stockholders;
  • it can serve as a training ground for future directors;
  • it is scalable, allowing the Association to continue to grow.

Two to four times a year, select Board members and the CEO meet with the Local Advisors from each area. Updates are provided on the Association’s operating results, and feedback is sought with respect to how the Association is performing in their area, what we can do better, obtain feedback on proposed new programs, etc.