Fraud and Security

How FCW Protects our Customers

Protection of your personal information is top priority at Farm Credit West. Our Association strives to follow ever-changing best practices that have been proven effective by the financial industry. All staff are required to regularly attend trainings discussing how to keep our customers’ information protected and potential risks that could lead to a security breach.

When you contact your branch, Farm Credit West staff will take steps to verify your identity if they don’t know you personally. Furthermore, when we receive a request to process a wire to an unknown party, change an email or physical address, or update a phone number, our staff will call and visually verify the change with the primary borrower to ensure the legitimacy of the request. With cyberattacks and hacking attempts at an all-time high, Farm Credit West requires visual verification from customers for disbursements to an account that has not been pre-approved. A visual verification requires the borrower to appear physically to a Farm Credit West branch office staff member and show a government issued ID to authenticate their identity.

When accessing your accounts online, you will be required to enter a secure code provided to you on a registered phone number. Furthermore, our system will lock down if too many incorrect answers are submitted in the Online ID or Password fields. The only way to unlock your account is to give our support line a call (844-454-3131) so we can verify your identity before unlocking your account.

Farm Credit West staff communicates electronically using secure messaging through the myFCW portal when sending sensitive information such as SSN, EIN Loan Account Numbers, and Bank Account Numbers. This service encrypts all email exchanges, mitigating the potential that a hacker could be ‘eavesdropping’. Farm Credit West IT department also utilizes software internally that prevents staff from sending out highly sensitive information through non-encrypted email exchanges.

These common security practices, in addition to others, are monitored by a strict internal control structure. By taking these steps, Farm Credit West is doing everything in our power to ensure that you remain protected from fraudulent activity.