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  • Women’s Group Effectively Speaks on Behalf of the Busy Farmer

    In 1975, a group of women concerned about challenges to California agriculture got together to “speak on behalf of the busy farmer” and educate consumers and legislators about farming issues. Today, the CWA has become one of the largest all-volunteer advocacy groups in the nation, consisting of a diverse group of bankers, lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals and consumers – along with farmers and ranchers.
  • Farm Credit West Reports Strong 2020 Financial Results

    Earlier today, Farm Credit West – a cooperative lending institution focusing exclusively on the agriculture industry – announced strong financial results for 2020 with continued growth in net income, earning assets and capital. These strong results positively positioned the Association to distribute 1.5% of eligible average outstanding loan balances in 2020 to customer-owners in a cash patronage dividend.
  • Farm Credit Provided Over $1 Million to California Non-Profits in 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic posed remarkable challenges for California’s farmers and ranchers in 2020. Abrupt shifts in demand caused by restaurant and school closures and a jump in meals prepared at home forced producers to pivot to respond to these market shifts and many farmers experienced significant losses as a result.