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  • Spotlight Magazine, Summer 2018

    In this issue, read about how California pistachio growers are looking to the future to solve today’s problems. Learn the lifecycle of a loan and how to present your project to your lender. Also read Dr. Kohl's article about farms and ranches that are generating a profit with minimal losses vs those with mounting losses.
  • Farm Credit West Exhibits at High School Ag Career Day

    Earlier this spring, Farm Credit West’s staff participated in the 2018 Ag Career Day at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California. At this event, staff met with high school students, explained Farm Credit West’s unique business model and mission, and discussed ways for these students to align their skills and interests with career opportunities in agriculture.

  • Farm Finance Expo Proves Popular among Farmers Exploring Options for Capital

    A decade ago FarmLink forged a unique approach for farmers and ranchers to gather, discuss, and learn about options for financing. In 2018 we reintroduced the approach with Growing Opportunity: Farm Finance Expo, a day-long event in West Sacramento on March 28. The Expo brought together 62 farmers and 10 lenders along with several partners and speakers.