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  • Spotlight Magazine, Fall 2019

    In this issue, learn about how Ventura farmers are taking charge by designing a first-of-its-kind water market, how to capitalize on value added and niche markets, and why an appraisal can help you protect your investment.
  • Farm Credit Helps Smaller Wineries Get Noticed by Potential Customers

    For a small family-owned winery, it can often be difficult to get noticed by retailers, restaurants and wine aficionados. That’s why for 29 years, the Family Winemakers of California have been holding tastings for select audiences. The group now holds two events a year – one in Southern California in the spring and one in the Bay Area in mid-August.
  • Forest Foundation Continues Talking About Trees to California Students

    Thanks in part to a series of grants from Farm Credit, the Forest Foundation's program Talk About Trees reached 50,108 students and 2,903 teachers, utilizing 10 independent facilitators who visited 66 schools in 16 counties last year alone. We look forward to continuing our support and helping the Forest Foundation expand this important program in the years to come.