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  • 2021 Board Election Results

    On June 14, 2021, Farm Credit West's Independent Auditor convened to tally the ballots of the recent 2021 Farm Credit West Director Election. The results of this event are documented in the customer letter posted here, completing the 2021 director election process for Farm Credit West. Those who participated in the election process play an important role in FCW's success. We convey our most sincere appreciation to those who agreed to serve as director candidates, Nominating Committee members/candidates and to all those stockholders who cast their ballots. 
  • Spotlight Magazine, Summer 2021

    This issue contains Mark Littlefield's message to the customers, a story about a military veteran that returned to his roots on the farm, and an article that explores how to weather economic volatility.
  • Lesser-known wines deserve some love, too

    The wine industry is a huge part of California agriculture. According to the Wine Institute, there are 5,900 wine grape growers in the Golden State, cultivating the crop on 635,000 acres. The growers harvest almost 4 million tons of grapes a year, generating over $3 billion in farmgate revenue. In total, the wine industry has an economic impact of $57 billion a year and employs 325,000 Californians.